Physical Abuse Series:

The Physical Abuse Series: Mimics e-learning module asks you to pause and consider other mechanisms that may look like abuse. This case-based learning module provides an overview of cutaneous, bone, and intracranial findings that either look like trauma but are not, or are caused by trauma that is not abusive. Extending from Physical Abuse Series: Core Framework which outlines “when to worry,” this module encourages the learner to “think common, remember rare” in carefully considering the differential diagnosis. Used together, they provide a valuable resource for frontline providers and child abuse specialists alike.

The module combines narrative descriptions and case studies to promote critical thinking in clinical practice. After working through the module, the case-based approach to learning facilitates the transition of knowledge to clinical practice and serves as an accessible reference tool in clinical settings.

Developed in partnership with:
  • Lauren Burge, MD
  • Nancy Kellogg, MD, Senior Medical Editor


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