Jennifer Pierce-Weeks, RN, SANE-A, SANE-P
Chief Executive Officer, Intarnational Association of Forensic Nurses

Jennifer Pierce-Weeks, RN, SANE-A, SANE-P, serves as the Chief Executive Officer, overseeing all programming offered by the Association, including the annual conference and all grant-funded projects and programming.

She comes with 30 years nursing experience, with a focus on forensic nursing since 1995. She presents nationally on a variety of forensic nursing-related topics, including sexual assault and abuse, intimate partner violence, strangulation, child maltreatment and program management and sustainability. Jennifer's work at a national level includes being Interim CEO and Past-President of the International Association of Forensic Nurses where she served on the Board from 2006-2010, serving as a consultant for the Southwest Center for Law and Policy’s SAFESTAR Project, and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center's SANE Sustainability Project. In addition, Jennifer has written, edited and reviewed state-specific protocols and customized protocols for hospitals, SARTs and tribal communities. Jennifer was a contributing author for the most recent edition of the Atlas of Sexual Violence; co-authored USAID's Clinical Management of Children and Adolescents Who Have Experienced Sexual Violence and Exploitation, Technical Considerations for PEPFAR Programs, has contributed to Forensic Health Online; has published in the Journal of Forensic Nursing as well as the Journal of Emergency Nursing; and has edited the STM Learning text Violence Against Women, co-authoring the chapter on strangulation in the living patient.